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Healthy Advantage Rewards - MAPD

University of Maryland Health Advantage believes that preventive care plays an important role in staying healthy. That is why we encourage you to participate in the Healthy Advantage Rewards Program. It is available to all Medicare members at no cost.

Our Healthy Advantage Rewards Program is our way of supporting your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

A proactive step you can take to protect your health is getting the screenings that are right for you. Find out which services you may need by discussing these screenings with your provider.

Annual Wellness Visit 

Breast Cancer Screening / Mammogram 

Colorectal Cancer Screening 

If you have diabetes, you are eligible for the following rewards as well.

HbA1c Test 

Nephropathy Screening 

Retinal Eye Exam 

Not all members will be eligible for all rewards (i.e. if they do not meet the criteria for the service or are not yet due to be screened or re-screened).

Each service must be completed in 2018 to receive your rewards. The corresponding Healthy Advantage Rewards form must be signed by you, your primary care provider (PCP), a specialist, or an authorized nurse and postmarked or faxed to us by January 14, 2019. You can return your completed forms to us, or your provider can return them on your behalf. Please follow the return information provided on each form.


Call your University of Maryland Health Advantage (UMHA) participating provider to schedule a wellness visit and/or preventive screening today.

Take your booklet and/or form(s) with you to your appointment. Talk to your provider about what preventive screenings are appropriate for you. If necessary, have them refer you to in-network providers or facilities to schedule those screenings.

As services are completed, ask the provider or office staff to fill out the provider name and phone number, then sign and date the form that relates to that appointment. Make sure your full name, UMHA identification number (located on your ID card), and complete mailing address are clearly written on the form.

Ask the office staff to fax the completed form to UMHA at 410-779-3957. You can also mail the completed form to the address located on the form.

Your reward will arrive in the mail within eight to twelve weeks after we receive the completed form and verified the service rendered. All preventive services must be completed during the 2018 calendar year. You can only receive one gift card per service.